Say 'Hi' to Kuri. She will capture all your sales leads and engage your customers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Enjoy the freedom of attending to your customers and leaving them in good hands, even when you are out of office, on vacation or in bed asleep. Whether it is an order, a booking or an enquiry, Kuri gets it done before you do.


Engage with Customers 24/7

Provide great customer experience with 24/7 customer service even during your off days and while you sleep.


Pre-sale Enquiries

Qualify sales leads & deliver replies to FAQs promptly and hand-off to your Sales Executive for further follow-ups, if required.



Provide customers an interactive way to book or register for your service or event & update your registration list within seconds.


Distribute Content

Automate the distribution of digital brochures, news or information on demand so your sales people can focus on doing what they do best – sell.


Chatbots can help increase efficiency and support your staff so they can focus on helping you grow your business

Repetitive and administrative activities are necessary in the running of a business. However, they can be more efficiently and affordably handled so that the jewel assets of a business – its employees – can focus on more productive activities.

“Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed”  — Peter F. Drucker

Chatbot Design & Build

Interested to have a chatbot custom-designed to your requirements? Click on the ‘ENQUIRE’ button below to provide your contact details & we’ll be in touch for a discussion with you.

IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Get ahead of your competitors today.

Our Awesome Chatbots

Chatbots can be made useful to various areas of a business – sales, marketing, administration, human resource and more. Here are a few of our popular ones.



Sales Support

I answer FAQs, help customers find a product or service they need & pass on the contact information of potential buyers to my human colleagues.



Customer Relations

I send news, useful tips or service updates to customers as part of my company’s customer relationship management programme.




I help customers book a service or register for an event, enter their information onto a list & alert my human colleagues of each new sign-up.



Human Resource

I screen job applicants with a series of pre-interview questions and collect the resumes of those who pass my screening for humans to review.


Other Solutions We Offer

Website Design & Hosting

We offer end-to-end solutions for setting up your website, including domain purchase & hosting, logo & banner design, copywriting & more.

E-commerce Store Set-up

Setting up an e-commerce store can be tedius and time consuming, especially if you are new to website building. Prefer to outsource the work? We can help.

Leads Capture & Automation

Tired of sorting, categorising and compiling sales leads collected from your online marketing campaigns? We may have a more efficient solution for you.


Still unclear about how our services can benefit your business specifically? No problem. Meet with us face-to-face and we’ll be happy to explore the possibilities with you. Fill up the form below & we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

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