Chatbot Building Services

We offer chatbot building services for businesses looking to improve business efficiency in order to grow and improve performance in various departments, e.g. sales, marketing, administration, etc.

What You Can Use It For
Chatbots can fill multiple roles in your business. The following are a few ideas what a chatbot can help you with, but is, however, not an exhaustive list of functions or role your chatbot can play in your business.

Customer Service Management
Offer quick responses to multiple customer queries at one go, and provide customers with the information they require about your products and services any time of day or night, even while you are asleep or at the gym.

Drive User Engagement
It is an undeniable fact that user engagement is an important part of the sales process, be it online or offline. The use of chatbots can be one of your avenues for user to engage with your brand or business, not only when you or your sales people are available to serve them, but at any time or day convenient to your potential customers.

Replying to Frequently Asked Questions
Let your chatbot attend to frequently-asked questions about your product or service, so you don't have to, and jump in at any time to help your chatbot answer not-so-frequently-asked questions.

Guide Customers to Checkout
Similar to how a business would engage and drive sales leads through a sales funnel so that they eventually become customers, a chatbot too can be made to nudge and drive potential customers toward purchasing a product or service.

Up-sells & Cross-sells
Up-selling or cross-selling related products based on the product a customer has added to their cart in an e-commerce store has become quite common & a smart way to potentially increase the total sales value of each customer. The same strategy can be adopted with a chatbot, albeit in a more personal, conversational manner.

Running an event or promotion to encourage sales as well as to compile customer data? Decide how you want to segment your registrants and your chatbot will collect, sort and store the collected data accordingly.

Qualify Sales Leads
Distinguish casual shoppers from the serious buyers through an interactive Q & A between potential customers and your chatbot. Often, a business owner or trained sales personnel will be able to differentiate the casual shopper from the serious buyer through a series of FAQs. This same process can be transferred to your chatbot to handle, who can also help customers find the right product or service based on their needs or requirements; and at the right moment, when your sales lead is warm enough, you or one of your reps may take over from your chatbot to close the deal.

Streamline Hiring Process
Enable a more efficient hiring process by pre-qualifying your job applicants through your chatbot.

Run Surveys
Have different sets of survey questions based on customer profile or their responses to certain questions? Customise your survey questions by having your chatbot pose questions one at a time, taking into account customer responses to the previous questions, so it can provide you with more meaningful market data.

Customer Data Collection & Segmentation
This can be a long and tedious process that is subject to human error when done manually. A chatbot will serve you efficiently and complete the job error-free, so you can spend time analysing the data for your next marketing plan without spending precious time sorting and compiling data.

Subscribe Customers & Distribute Promotional Coupons
Running a subscription drive by giving away free discount coupons? Let your chatbot handle the administrative tasks of subscribing your customers & coupon distribution.

Does My Business Need a Chatbot?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this. Perhaps the first question you could ask yourself is what your primary goal of having a chatbot is and the value (monetary or otherwise) you place on the fulfillment of that goal.

For example, a sales support chatbot with the ability to answer FAQs on your products and services has the potential to save your sales executives hours in a day, so your sales specialists may spend more time on higher value activities such as nurturing warm leads that are closer to making a purchase, and thus, potentially close more deals. The key questions to ponder in this example are, perhaps, "How much is your (and your Sales Executives') time worth?" and "How can they better utilise their sales skills and spend their time more productively, e.g. nurturing warm leads and bringing in the sales, instead of spending hours on end answering FAQs?"

Also, since a chatbot does not have off days, customers are able to get information on your products and services at any time of day or night. This increases the level of your service efficiency by providing consistently prompt responses to customer enquiries, even during out-of-office hours.

How It Benefits You & Your Business
24/7 Service
Your chatbot is always on standby and requires no breaks or days off.

A Chatbot Always Remembers
A chatbot does not forget the information you feed it and provides the information in an instant.

Personalised Customer Experience
The one-on-one chat experience offers a personalised customer experience.

Supports Your Sales Team
Attend to every customer promptly. Have your chatbot attend to enquiries while your sales executives are busy with a presentation or attending to walk-in customers at a retail store.

Instant Response for Better Customer Service
Provide a great customer experience with prompt replies from your chatbot.

Handles Multiple Enquiries at the Same Time
One person can realistically attend to a few enquiries, one at a time on chat, while a chatbot can attend to many - all at the same time, and within a few seconds.

Customer Engagement for Better Sales Conversion
Engage & nurture your sales leads until they are ready to make a purchase.

Establish & Maintain Customer Relationships
Subscribe your customers to your newsletter to maintain customer relationships and the opportunity to re-engage them.

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